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Heather Greenwood
Realising she could make money by selling lemonade to the waiting crowds during a Royal visit in 1981, aged just fourteen, Heather set up her first business - producing and selling tomatoes. Growing the plants from seed and trialling different varieties to assess quality and ease of production, she used her first season’s profits to move from lines of grow bags in her parents’ back garden, to purchasing a greenhouse, complete with propagators, racking, and heaters. Her future mapped, Heather has since developed, grown, and ultimately sold several more businesses. Over thirty years later Heather still has an acute ability to sniff out commercial success, and is still in the enviable position of earning money doing only what she enjoys.
Never one to stand still and always evolving, Heather leads from the front as Owner and Managing Director of Smart Training Solutions Limited. She excels in training and assessment and places the upmost importance on the learner experience; all company initiatives and programmes are scrutinised and challenged by her before reaching the customer. An experienced learning and development practitioner with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Training, Heather’s background covers a diverse range of sectors, and as such she has undoubtedly brought new ideas and a fresh approach to the wider assessment team.
Heather has held a number of Directorships, most recently as a main board director for the national Motorcycle Industry Association. Heather served a two year tenure as the appointed Chair of their Trainers Association, and a further two years after being re-elected by the Committee. She consulted at Government level and brings leadership, profitability, team working, strategy, and pragmatism to every project. If she were in the Army, Joey and Derek would call her The General!
Away from business, Heather is passionate about animal welfare issues, both at home and abroad. An outdoor person who loves riding motorcycles and appreciates a beautiful home and garden. She is most content however fostering unwanted animals as they await their forever homes.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education and Training (University of Huddersfield)
  • Senior Learning and Development Practitioner
  • UFA Psychology (University of Hull)
  • Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
  • A1 Vocational Qualification Assessor
  • BTEC Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction
  • Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015
  • Driving Licence Categories: Car, Motorcycle, LGV C C+E
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Test - Motorcycle
  • RYA ICC Powerboat Licence Holder
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