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  • Client First (To always put the interest of the client first)
  • Competency (To only undertake work in area where we have relevant knowledge or experience, even where this means refusing or referring work).
  • Integrity/Honesty (To always act with honesty and integrity when dealing with a client. This includes where public funding is involved, to be mindful of the need to act in the best interest of the public purse).
  • Confidentiality (To maintain the confidentiality of the client, their resources, their materials and information).
  • Openness (To be open with the client, keep them informed of progress, difficulties, and problems).
  • Personalised Approach (Offer a bespoke solution to the client, even on projects of a similar nature to those undertaken).
  • Flexibility (Be flexible in approach. Respond positively to changes in direction, timescales and resources).
  • Communications (Communicate frequently and effectively with the client. Keep them abreast of progress and difficulties, even when unprompted).
  • Timley (Keep to promised deadlines. Remember - under promise and over deliver).
  • CPD (Keep up to date with our area of expertise).
Many of our customers have needed a complete review of what they do, or have pinpointed a particular area of concern. Smart consultants will not only advise you on what to do, but will become central to delivering the solution. We can help you to make better decisions, reduce costs, build a more effective training centre and develop appropriate technology strategies to help you deliver results.
We start by understanding your organisation: Your operation, competitive dynamics, culture, objectives and challenges. By seeing programme delivery the way you do we can work to your agenda, not our own, and will apply our insights to your specific strategic and operational issues.
We promise to work with you, to challenge your ideas and provide suggestions which will result in your delivery teams being dynamic in their role, and your quality assurance requirements becoming ‘risk led’ and effective-getting it right will save you money.
We are proud members of the Confederation of Education Consultants and adhere to their guiding principles:
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We offer the following services:
  • Improved Employer engagement through our 8 step Organisational Needs Analysis process - getting it right at the start is critical to success.
  • Improved communication strategies for your delivery teams by using innovative cloud based software. Knowledge is power and we will show how to ensure you have the right data to make the right decisions.
  • Accredited centre support from initial start-up and awarding organisation recognition, to established centres who want to improve-we can help you do it better.
  • If you have an idea for a qualification and want it to become reality - we can help. We have gained awarding organisation approval, designed the materials, provided the assessment team, provided the quality assurance team and delivered to the complete satisfaction of the customer - a true end to end product delivery.
  • The wrong quality assurance strategies can be costing you money and time - our approach will improve your quality and save you money.
  • Training your assessment teams. This is a very popular service as training providers recognise with expert staff, they will achieve great results - qualifications are one thing, being an expert is another.
  • We provide learning materials and ideas on how to engage learners from some of the most challenging industries in the UK. We reach those who are difficult to reach or engage, giving you results.
  • We recognise programme delivery can suffer if you misjudge the requirement or members of your team leave or struggle. We have recovered programmes affecting 1000s of learners and always to the complete satisfaction of our customer. In fact it is our programme recovery which normally leads to our long standing customer relations as they move to on-going programme support requirements, or engage us to keep them ahead of their competitors - fresh ideas and thinking are free!
  • We offer External Quality Assurance services to awarding organisations and other auditing bodies, including ISO 9000 services. A recent Awarding Organisation graded our services as an A Grade - top of the class! We bring this knowledge and expertise to your organisation.
  • We maintain a small network of experts who have assisted us in many programme requirements. They have been trained by us, they think like us and deliver results like us - expect great because it’s what we do.
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