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We support a College and an Independent Training Provider in creating effective Governance practices. We continually strive for excellence in all we do and will help you in your journey to Outstanding, regardless of the size of your organisation.
Effective Governance will improve your delivery, underpin a Return on Investment and support your delivery under Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF). It is essential for ensuring the quality and accountability of government-funded education. Governance refers to the roles and responsibilities of the boards, trustees, governors and executive leaders who oversee the strategic direction and performance of the organisation. Effective Governance can bring many benefits for training providers and employers, such as:
  • We are improving the outcomes and experiences of learners by ensuring that the educational provision is aligned with the needs and expectations of employers, communities and society.
  • We are enhancing the reputation and credibility of the education sector by demonstrating high standards of professionalism, integrity and transparency in decision-making and management.
  • We support innovation and improvement by fostering a culture of collaboration, challenge and continuous learning among staff, stakeholders and partners.
  • It ensures financial sustainability and efficiency by overseeing the allocation and use of resources, monitoring risks and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • It strengthens accountability and stakeholder engagement by clearly communicating the organisation's vision, values and goals and reporting its achievements and challenges.
Effective Governance is critical to achieving the best outcomes and is a moral duty for those entrusted with the education of learners. Training providers and employers can contribute to the quality, equity and excellence of teaching by ensuring effective Governance in government-funded education is central to their organisational strategy.
Our Governance support and approach is built upon the following seven pillars of good practice:
Strategy and Leadership.png
Pillar 1
Strategy & Leadership
Corporate Structure, Accountability and Roles.png
Pillar 2
Corporate Structure, Accountability & R
Financial Strategy and Audit.png
Pillar 3
Financial Strategy & Audit
Teaching a d Learning and Outcomes for Learners.png
Pillar 4
Teaching, Learning & Outcomes for Learners
Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding.png
Pillar 5
Equality, Diversity
& Safeguarding
Pillar 6
Effective Governance.png
Pillar 7
Effective Governance

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