Coaching Essentials
(Professional Development)
Coaching is a critical tool for workplace development and is used throughout the most successful organisations worldwide.
The Coaching Essentials Virtual Training Course* provides a solid grounding in the key requirements of coaching and will help provide future coaches with the core skills they need to become effective in this role. It covers best practice and delivers the main tools required by skills coaches in the FE Sector or managers and leaders taking on coaching tasks to develop their teams. The course will help you:
  • Engage, motivate and encourage the people you coach and achieve results.
  • Develop plans that remove obstacles to coaching and help create development action plans.
  • Communicate effectively and develop positive working relationships.
  • Develop questioning and listening techniques to get the best out of others.
  • Create an effective approach to coaching that works every time.
  • Focus on core objectives and actionable results.
*Face to face training is available on request.
Target Audience: Skills Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Assessor, Manager
Group Size and Duration: Up to 6 personnel, 1 day programme
Cost: £60.00 per person
  • Identify development needs and implement appropriate solutions
  • Establish how people learn and what this means when coaching
  • Recognise and remove the obstacles to successful coaching
  • Use a model to plan, prepare, and structure a coaching session
  • Give feedback for performance improvement
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